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David Castellani - Balloonatic

David Castellani -Balloonatic.jpg

Modular synth aficionado David Castellani returns with his second release of 2023, as the thrilling ‘Balloonatic’ takes shape.The LA-based artist is a creative force. A producer and live act running his own imprint Noetic since 2021, he channels a love for modular synthesis into creating his own
sequencer module the ‘Precision Disrupter’.


Meanwhile, his background in graphic design and passion for rave culture sees him handle the designs for fledgling clothing company After Infinite. In a constant state of evolution, the two-tracker ‘Balloonatic’ marks the eighth release on Noetic to date. Using new instruments including the Perkons HD-01 by Erica Synths for percussion and the UDO Super 6 for pads, alongside his trusty Roland TB 303, Castellani has increased the tempo and high-energy emotions to craft his most impactful release to date.

The title track is a galloping synapse searer, as metallic drum lines and industrial rhythms build energy throughout. ‘Asphyxia’ amplifies the energy with a laser-focused melody line, rumbling 303 and spitfire percussion, bringing emotion in spades.quote "For this release I wanted to push the sound into a bigger, more driven space. Most of my music ends to lean into a headier, technical side, and though I would'nt call these tracks simple, I approached them with a more direct vibe in mind. My focus was on delivering a high-energy ride and pushing the listener to move on the floor." – David Castellani

1. Balloonatic
2. Asphyxia

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