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David Castellani - ienemy 
feat. Brittney Vandal

David Castellani - ienemy.jpg

Following his acclaimed last release, ‘AntiPull’, with EP cut ‘AntiPush’ being judged one of the tracks of 2023 by Attack Magazine, David Castellani follows up with ‘ienemy’,another exercise in precision and groove. Late last year Attack Magazine lauded Castellani’s ‘AntiPush’, writing:
“with a background in audio engineering, he has excellent control over his devices, but more
importantly, he really gets the dance-floor.”


With a new year, the LA-based modular synthesist returns with another outstanding two-tracker –
‘ienemy’ that marks the tenth release on his Noetic imprint and reinforces his manifesto for

crafting intricate techno productions heavy on impact. The work also marks his first collaborative releases with emerging LA spoken word artist and poet, Brittany Vandal.


‘Panic Merchant’ is an immersive industrial trip, as head warping oscillating effects, Vandal’s pointed vocal and a relentless rhythm coalesce to ensure the energy is maintained throughout. A thrilling peak-time cut and strong addition to his discography.


‘Mangle’ takes on a different shade, a chrome plated excursion into the deep, its soaked in atmosphere as Vandal’s deconstructed vocal samples give the track a spacious dreamy quality.

“This release is about me grappling with notions of identity and self-expression. It exists in a space where art is undivided from oneself and intimately exposed, only for creativity to be shackled to an Instagram post.” – David Castellani

1. David Castellani feat. Brittany Vandel – ‘Panic Merchant’
2. David Castellani feat. Brittany Vandel – ‘Mangle’

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